Ghost Succulent Planter: A Spooky Addition To Your Plant Collection

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If you’re a plant lover, you’re probably always on the hunt for unique and interesting planters to showcase your greenery. In 2023, one of the hottest trends in the plant world is the ghost succulent planter. These spooky planters are perfect for Halloween, but they can also add a touch of whimsy to your home decor year-round.

What is a Ghost Succulent Planter?

A ghost succulent planter is a planter that is designed to look like a ghost. The planter is typically made out of ceramic or concrete, and it’s shaped like a ghost with a hollow space in the center where you can plant your succulents. The ghost planter is usually white or gray, with features like eyes and a mouth carved or painted onto the surface.

Choosing the Right Succulents

When it comes to choosing the right succulents for your ghost planter, you’ll want to look for plants that have a ghostly appearance themselves. Some good options include ghost plants (also known as mother of pearl plants), string of pearls, and moon cacti. These plants all have a pale, otherworldly quality that will complement the ghost planter perfectly.

How to Care for Your Ghost Succulent Planter

Like all succulents, the plants in your ghost planter will need plenty of sunlight and well-draining soil. Make sure to water them only when the soil is completely dry, as overwatering can lead to root rot. If you live in a cold climate, you may need to bring your ghost planter indoors during the winter months to protect it from freezing temperatures.

Where to Display Your Ghost Succulent Planter

Your ghost succulent planter will look great in a variety of locations around your home. Try placing it on a windowsill where it will get plenty of sunlight, or on a mantel where it can be the centerpiece of your Halloween decor. You could even use it as a spooky table centerpiece for a Halloween party!

DIY Ghost Succulent Planter

If you’re feeling crafty, you can even make your own ghost succulent planter at home. All you’ll need is a ceramic or concrete planter, some white or gray paint, and a steady hand for painting on the ghostly features. You can even get creative and add some spooky embellishments like cobwebs or spiders.


A ghost succulent planter is a fun and unique addition to any plant lover’s collection. Whether you buy one ready-made or make your own, this spooky planter is sure to turn heads and spark conversation. So why not add a little bit of ghostly charm to your home with a ghost succulent planter today?

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